6 ways to design a website with seo in mind

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A website is not complete until it starts raking in the Google dollars.

One of the keywords to persuade a client to hire a website design company aside from conversion rate optimization is telling the client the site will rank highly in Google in no time.

Having done seo for real estate, here is the basic seo website designing tricks every web designing gig should focus implement.

If you are looking to hire a web design gig, then this article is also for you as it will help you in choosing the right web design company.

Website design should be user focused

A good website structure is built with the end users in mind. It should be easy to navigate and be abl to render base on the devices the end user is using to access your website.

Noting kills both conversion and rankings more easily than rigid websit navigation and a non responsive website.

Google is now rating how a visitor to your site reacts to it when they land there through Google.

If they land in your site through Google and immediately go back to Google, it will pass a negative feedback to Google that they did not find what they are looking for in your site and that may prompt Google to down rank your site if that trends continues.

How to built a user focused website

Easy navigation: site navigational structure makes it easy for site visitors to move from your landing pages to deeper pages on your websites.

A good site navigational structure will help reduce a site bounce rate and increase dwell time which is good for seo.

Responsive website design: talking about being user focused noting kills both conversion and seo faster than a user accessing a website on his smart phone both the website is not optimized to render on his smart phone.

A website not built to render based on the devices used to access it will kill off conversion and customers will go elsewhere they can shop with convenience.

Clean Coding: A well coded website will be rendered smoothly on any web browser. A well coded website is very fast and will pass the Google speed test.

Mind you, speed is now one of Google ranking factors so if you website is slowed down by poor coding, you should hire a new webmaster.

Rapping it Up

SEO has changed; it’s no more about building links alone. Google now uses user data to evaluate how relevant and good your website is to its billions of searchers.

So, if you still want to remain relevant in Google’s eyes, focus on building website for users rather than for search engine bots.

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How to successfully promote a webinar

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You can create the best webinar in the world, but without proper promotion you won’t have many guests. All successful webinars have a solid promotional strategy, so here are three tips to get started.

1. Contact Your Current List

The first place to start with in promoting webinar is with your current contacts. Chances are you already connect with them in several ways. Use any of these outlets to promote your webinar:

  • Facebook (Try Facebook Events)

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn (Try LinkedIn Events)

  • E-Mail List

  • Your Website

  • Forums

  • Pinterest

Spread your message equally over all outlets. And don’t be afraid to promote your webinar multiple times. Start the hype at least a month in advance and send out weekly reminders. This way you’ll maximize visibility of your message.

2. Use Webinar Listing Sites

There are many sites where you can list your upcoming webinar. These sites allow searches by topic, location, and price. Webinar information and registration options are available directly on the websites.

Most listing sites allow free submission and have the option to promote your webinar for a fee. Check out these sites:

  • www.webinarhero.com
  • www.webinarlistings.com
  • www.webinarbase.com
  • www.webinarboxoffice.com

3. Paid Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

If you’re willing to dish out a little money to promote your webinar, there are excellent low-cost options available.

Facebook Advertising

On Facebook, you can target your ads based on audience demographics such as age, location, and interests. You also have control over your budget by setting a maximum, per day amount.

Your ad can link back to your squeeze page (link to “3 Little Extras For Your Webinar”) or a Facebook Event page for your webinar.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords works by selecting keywords where your ads will run. For example if your webinar is about leash training a dog, you may choose to run ads for the keyword phrase “how to leash train my dog.” When someone types this keyword phrase into Google search, your leash training webinar ad will appear in the paid advertising results.

Like Facebook advertising, you can set a per day maximum budget.

Twitter Advertising

With Twitter, you can promote tweets based on keyword searches or user timelines. If you choose user timeline promotion, your webinar tweet will remain at the top of your follower’s timelines for a designated amount of time.

LinkedIn Ads

For as little as £10 per day, you can advertise your webinar on LinkedIn. As with Facebook, you can define the target audience that will see your ad. Choose your audience by job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size, or LinkedIn group. And control your costs by setting a pay-per-click budget.

Newsletter and E-zine Ad Buys

Newsletters and e-zines are a great place to market your webinar because the audience is extremely targeted. Additionally, the subscribers have voluntarily opted-in to receive more information on your topic. Because of this, advertising your webinar through these mediums can be extremely effective.

To find these advertisement sources, contact the list owner of a popular newsletter on or related to your webinar topic. Not all list owners accept advertisements, but you’ll never know unless you ask.

You have tons of options for marketing your webinar and as in all marketing cases; you’ll need to experiment with different options to see what works best. See if any of these webinar promo tips pass your test for success and tell us about it in the comments.

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Soleil Nuchurch is a freelancer involved in managing and promoting events in the UK. She has worked with numerous companies including those in the finance niche.

Benefits of Video Conferencing in the Business World

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In the current world where people are more and more concerned about climate change and the cost of travel, travelling to conferences has become a slight issue. Attending a conference can cause an issues for employees and business management maybe they they have already booked a vacation, or even located in another office on the other side of the world. With the continuous evolution of technology, and the demand for productivity, video conferencing is becoming more and more used in the corporate and personal communication world. Below are the several benefits of utilizing video conference technology in the corporate world.

Travel costs

The first and possibly one of the best benefits is that technology reduces business travel costs. Travel costs can be anything from plane flights to the amount of money on fuel and trains and other means public transportation. For major companies, meetings and conferences can require travel across the city, state, the country maybe even around the world.

Travelling long distances just to hold a short meeting can really impact corporate bank accounts. By using video conferencing, everyone is in contact, from home, the park, on vacation, and pretty much everywhere else with an internet connection. Employers can possibly save millions by using video conferencing technology such as BlueJeans.

Work Life Balance

Video conferencing technologies allow for proper balance of work-life commitments. The technology allows for people to be able to enjoy more family and personal time. There is no worry about leaving family for a week to attend a business conference. Video conferencing allows for workers to be at their regular office or at home and attend the conference easily from their computer or tablet.


Video conferencing helps to build personal relationships and it supports good communication between key employees. For an employer or employee, good relationships between co-workers and company management is very important. Video conferencing allows for everyone to speak and share opinions without the need for long distance travel or being in an office sitting at a conference table.

Video conferencing allows for companies to increase productivity and gain an edge over competition for the competitors. Since video communication can be done from anywhere, whenever someone gets an idea or their is a minor emergency, the business can quickly form a group conference call and share their ideas. Technology prevents down time and unnecessary travel. In the past the reduced travel need often meant that meeting and conference dates would be pushed back, in this day and age ideas can be shared quickly and action plans can be formed.

Video conferencing makes employees happier, the technology reduces travel and means that staff don’t need to leave family. Reduced travel need also means increased productivity, lower business costs and carbon footprints.

Directors Disqualified After Numerous Misdemeanours

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While being a director of a company seems like a glamourous role and a position that people earn after years of hard work, there are still a lot of elements to the role that can make it seem difficult. Yes, there are many directors’ roles that offer a lot of payment in return for little work, but there are responsibilities associated with the role that need to be upheld and maintained. If you fail to maintain or meet the regulations involved with being a director, you may find that you are no longer able to enjoy the perks and benefits of the role.

This has been the case for a husband and wife team who were directors of the Window & Conservatory Options Ltd. Mark and Jane Styler were found to have withdrawn funds from the company even though they had been informed that the firm was insolvent. The taking of these funds meant that there wasn’t enough money to pay remaining creditors, which is in clear breach of the guidelines issues to directors. If this was a one-off, it would have been bad enough but the couple received a number of warnings from accountants that the firm was insolvent and they still continued in the same vein.

In fact, there is an argument to be made that the big indiscretion came after one of the repeated warnings received from the initial accountants. Within a couple of days, new accountants had been charged to examine the accounts. They still concluded that the firm was insolvent but the money that had been drawn by the directors had been removed from the accounts.

Companies go bust when they don’t have enough money

Even though they had been warned that the company was insolvent, it was found that the two directors had received payments of £172,715.50 between February of 2012 and September of 2013. By the end of September, the company was placed into liquidation.

Cheryl Lambert is the Chief Investigator at the Insolvency Service and she said; “Directors who abuse limited liability and use company funds to meet their personal expenses can expect to be investigated by the Insolvency Service and enforcement action taken to remove them from the market place.  Mr & Mrs Styler repeatedly ignored warnings from professional advisers and used company funds as their own.  Taking action against Mr & Mrs Styler is a warning to directors of their responsibilities and requirements to act for the good of the company and its creditors.”

It has to be said that this was a very serious breach of director responsibilities. The repeated warnings would have been enough for some people to call for the couple to be disqualified from acting as directors but the fact that they then changed the accounts to minimise the money that they owed is something that was always going to go against them.

It can be difficult for directors, particularly husband and wife teams at the same firm, who become accustomed to a certain income and lifestyle. However, given the very clear guidelines when it comes to acting as a director, the steps taken by the Stylers were clearly out of order.

Many firms face financial difficulties

Given the financial difficulties that many companies have faced, there is nothing new or unsurprising in firms going bust or facing very difficult times. The real measure of a director isn’t in how they act and behave when things are going well; the true measure of a director is how they responds to trouble and difficulties. This case is a very clear example of why directors can be disqualified if they do not live up to the expectations that are placed on them.

While a case like this may seem as though all of the facts are laid bare, there is still a lot of work to be undertaken by defence solicitors. Even if the director, or directors involved, is willing to submit an undertaking, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the overall impact of any punishment. This is where a highly skilled and competent defence solicitor will be able to step in and provide their client with guidance, advice and support that will help them to return to being a director in as short a time period as possible, if this is what they are looking for.

Andrew Reilly is a freelance writer with a focus on news stories and consumer interest articles. He has been writing professionally for 9 years but has been writing for as long as he can care to remember. When Andrew isn’t sat behind a laptop or researching a story, he will be found watching a gig or a game of football.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

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What is the purpose of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)?

It can be used for the purpose of analyzing an ever-growing body of significantly large organic data sets etc., for instance; an ever-increasing volume of open-access information such as journals and public open-source scientific literature, therefore text-based/literature data mining is becoming an increasingly necessary means to perform the task more effectively and efficiently via technology like LSI.

Can humans do without Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)?

Well for example; corpus literature (or large biomedical literature data sets) accumulates at a weekly rate to an extent of several thousand papers. It would take many man/woman working hours to decipher through a great plethora of text-based data in order to find relevant information (if in fact all related data [even though it existed] could all be found successfully).

Latent Semantic Indexing is highly effective at recognizing and extracting indirect data set relationships. It has the remarkable ability of deciphering/searching through models and text for the purpose of retrieving information with efficiency, more effectively than other known technological systems. LSI is capable of validating experimental data with the ability to devise fresh hypothesis and produce original associated links out of existing data sets successfully.

The data mining of well-known databases has advanced from primitive search-terms to more complex language processing techniques, integration of related metadata within different literature, structural analysis, retrieval processes and indexing.

So basically how could search engines use LSI?

LSI can therefore; recognize, associate and integrate certain keywords from different literature or even WebPages for indexing or structural analysis. This would allow those who use LSI (perhaps Google and other search engines) to identify and categorize any WebPage or literary content and categorize the different types of data relative to that particular metadata or general data analysis.

Search engines could then index those pages (or literature) and identify each type. The LSI can be taught thereafter to analyse and categorize all the corresponding data for any particular structural analysis. It would be simple for LSI to distinguish any WebPage that was related to online marketing for example; by recognizing keywords or acronyms like SEO; IM, PPC; CPA or any reference to social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even keywords like affiliate marketing, Adwords, Fan Pages and so on.


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The Wild West Of Data Security

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In a recent survey on the cloud and data center security of tech organizations

Most organizations reported that they are not satisfied with their malware recovery and containment. About 55% of the respondents were not happy with the amount of time it takes them to contain threats and to recover from the damage hackers and malware have done. More than 17% of the respondents needed well over a week’s worth of business hours just to contain the attacks they’ve endured. 37% reported their containment times consuming as much as 8 hours. That’s a whole working day lost.

The discouragingly broad range of response times could be a consequence of the fact that many existing security protocols are failing to keep up in the arms race that’s raging between the hackers and the hack-ed. Most of the survey respondents rely on outdated traditional security tools like firewalls, anti-malware-software, intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, and identity/access management utilities.

This data was derived from a survey of more than 400 security professionals from the SANS Institute, an authoritative group of tech. professionals working at both private and public sector firms. Roughly 44% of the SANS community who shared their security histories had had sensitive data accessed by intruders.

SANS analyst, Dave Shackleford says, “As to how we manage to contain the damage done and preventing further breaches, time is the most worrying challenge for our security people. Most of the survey respondents tell us that they use antiquated tools to monitor data traffic to and from data centers and clouds. They and are not happy with the degree of visibility and slow containment speeds they’re working with. If our security standing is ever going to improve, we’re going to have to get better visibility and faster reconfiguration capabilities, and we’ve got to find ways to contain these attacks much more quickly.”

Time is the most serious challenge data dependent organizations face in working to limit damage and prevent subsequent infiltration’s via the same vulnerable points. By the time a chink in the armor is discovered, most of the time, infiltrators have completed an entire run, or runs, on a company’s most sensitive data.

The current State of Data Center and Cloud Security in today’s average tech. firm reveals that there’s a lot of heavy lifting to be done when it comes to containing and preventing infiltration’s. What companies need now is guidance on how best to secure their valuable data.

The study was sponsored by Illumio, a digital security firm that clearly has got a vested interest in spotting weaknesses in existing security features.

The prevailing wisdom is grim

Security failures are inevitable. Rather than holding off attackers completely, the goal has come to be more about risk management, rather than total iron-clad security. Not a stance that has many security-minded people terribly excited.

The lack of threat containment and neutralization capabilities have left wide avenues of attack open to data plunderers and have led to massive losses. The US government has suffered massive attacks with more than 21M of sensitive materials compromised. Medical, insurance, and tech. firms have reported huge amounts of violated data. It’s a frontier, with gaping opportunities left hanging open for data bandits to exploit. But one with potentially great rewards for anyone with new security innovations to offer.

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Some Internet Marketing Strategies

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There are many internet marketing strategies a company can use to attract the attention of Internet users and encourage them to visit your site. These strategies are used not only to attract visitors, but also to achieve sales, membership applications and even just consultations.

In general, companies use more than one internet marketing strategy to achieve their goals. For example, a company can work both to include specific keywords in their website content and using link building strategies (Link Building).

Search engine optimization is one of the most used marketing strategies on the Internet, this method is to call up a website of content in a particular search engine. This means it is easy for search engines to find the index of the website by including certain keywords and key phrases in the content, based on what consumers tend to write in the search engines.

It also means that you should carefully create meta tags, descriptions and title tags. However, the content of web stuffing, fill the keywords is not enough to guarantee a high ranking in the major search engines. Instead, the website owners often spend time creating quality content and ensuring that the use of the keyword will stay around a certain percentage.

It is important to realize that the search engines can find other factors besides keywords, quality content, and labels when classified websites.

Some companies try to implement another web marketing tactic commonly called PPC or pay per click marketing to get more visitors and buyers. For this strategy to work, companies must choose keywords or phrases and carefully so that your ads appear on other sites.

Then, each time a surfer clicks on an ad, that goes to the advertiser’s site, it means an opportunity to make a sale with every click. However, it can also mean a lot of expenses, as the click can add up, especially when your ads are done in the popular websites.

Link Building Service (Link Building) is another Internet marketing strategy. With this method, companies try to get links from other quality websites, which can help attract more visitors to the website of the company and promote its vision as a valuable resource on the web.

You can also help improve the ranking of a website in search engines. A company can work to build inbound links, not only from other sites and directories but also search engines and e-zines. These links can be reciprocal, meaning that the company receiving inbound links also puts links to other webmasters on their site or links can be one way.

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Small Business Internet Phone Systems

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Today, times are a bit tough for many small businesses and small business owners are searching for ways to save money. Besides other expenses involved in running a successful company, a large amount of money goes towards the phone system. To help cut down on the expenses, many companies have turned to Internet phone systems – this is a much better alternative compared to those traditional telephone systems. In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you more about small business Internet phone systems and why you may need one.

You Can Save Money by Using Internet Phone Systems

Internet phone systems are taking the world by storm and there is a good reason behind this. This is because these systems have the capabilities of cutting down the telephone expenses. VoIP phone systems will allow the individual to make a phone call by using a high speed Internet connection.
With an IP solution, a small business can save up to eighty percent. Plus, you also have to consider the fact that the sound quality will be much better than the sound quality coming from the traditional lines. Did you know that VoIP to VoiP phone calls are usually free of charge?

Let’s take a look at the terminology

Voice over IP is the terminology that is used to explain the transmission of phone calls that are using a data network. This concept is fairly basic and has made a major impact on businesses from around the world.
Let’s take a look at some of the features a small business VoIP phone system has to offer:

Extensions – you can add extensions and update the phone function
Call Forwarding – you can easily forward your calls with a push of a button
Settings – you can control or modify the settings (it’s hassle free)
Message forwarding – You can easily forward the messages to your mailbox and pick them up as voice data
Logs – the system will keep logs of all incoming and outgoing phone activity. These logs can be accessed at any time
Conference calls – this system makes conference calls easier than ever before. Conference calls can be initiated from any location.

Now, do you see why so many businesses are starting to take advantage of Internet phone systems? Not only will these systems help save you money, but it is also packed full with many useful features that are easy to use. Today, many people are describing Voice over Internet Phone technology as the future when it comes to business communication – by using this form of technology, businesses will no longer be limited to the constraints that come along with the old telephone systems. So, what are you waiting for? If you own a small business, regardless of where you are, it is time to start looking into VoIP.

Why Optimize for Local Search?

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Following on from the post, optimising for local search, you might be wondering why you should bother? If you have a small business that is on the internet and local or if your business focuses on certain customers in a certain geo-location, try moving outside the normal guides for social and search optimization.

Here are some more tips for optimizing for local search and social media profiles.

Keywords are a must in optimizing your site. You are not only targeting a specific geo- exact terms but also industry precise terms. This is why you need to use keywords. The first thing to do is to research how many times your business is searched compared to other businesses that offer the same services that yours does. This will give you what keywords other businesses use and how many times they are searched in one month.

Try going to Google search and type I keywords that you competitor uses and if you scroll down to the related searches. You can also go to your competitor’s website and to see how it ranks using keywords. This will help you increase your keywords.

In optimizing your site for local search, you need to let search engines know what locations you are targeting which include geo-specific areas, phrases and keywords.

Use SEO title tags and snippets are what your customers see first on the website. Locally optimized title tags should be bold and include all your primary keywords and all information and locations. So do this within 70 characters.

Your Meta description should be optimized for local search. Again this should contain all information phone number, services you offer and keywords within 165 characters. Other information to include is a local phone number, a local street address. They should be on all pages of your website. You should have more than one page if you have more than one location for your business. This is how customers are directed to the appropriate page.

One should have an embedded map on your website. If you go to Google Maps and insert your address, you will get an HTML code and this lets you put a map on your web page.

To absolutely make sure that Google knows where your location is then create a geo sitemap and KML file for your website.

Once your website is optimized for local search then you should optimize for off-site. This is done by looking at search directories. Some of the top search directories are Google, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, and Superpages.

Also try to get reviews from your customers. This information could be very important. It will let you know what keywords they used for searching, and if it was helpful to find your business location.

In conclusion: It does pay to optimize your website for local search. It will help you get more traffic to your website which in turn will give you more revenue and more customers. It is rather easy to optimize. You can get free help online, just subscribe to SEO blogs like this one or you can buy courses on how to optimize your website for local serch.

Optimizing for Local Search

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Is your business slowing down? Do you need to optimize your website? In order to get more traffic to your website and potentially have the traffic turn into potential customers you need to optimize your website. This is obtained through optimizing for local search. When you optimize your website, it is more search engine friendly. It also heightens the quality of your website.

More traffic to your website means your search ranking will be higher and visitors can find it more easily. Optimization means using keywords and inserting reliable information. This can ensure that the visitors will like your website and they then would refer their friends to the website which means more traffic.
Once your website traffic has increased, then one may add on other features to your website which will generate more benefits that you can cash in on. In order to be ranked high on search engines then you should probably go to Google and Bing to increase your rating. Here are some tips to help yon get listed on Google’s local search engine on the front page.

Do This

Tip 1). Go to Google in your browser on the left side click on Google maps.

Tips 2) insert all pertinent information about your business including search tags. This is what your prospective customers use when searching for your services and business online.

Tip 3) after all information has been inserted agreeing with the forms and you review the contents, click the submit button.

Tip 4) they will ask you to confirm your information either by postcard. They used to do it by phone too, not sure if they still do, if done by phone it will be faster.

Tip 5) Once you information has been confirmed, you may want to keep tabs on whether you are listed in the local search engine using the search tags that you picked. Google recommends to check back in seven to ten days. Sometimes it will only take hours for it to show up on the local search engine.

When you are doing your local search engine optimisation do not forget the mobile part of search engines. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses. This could help steer more traffic you way. Potential customers might refer friends to your site and this means more revenue for your business.

In conclusion: In order to have more traffic to your website then you need to optimize your website for local search engines. Using Google is the best way to go. If you insert all pertinent information on your local search engine then your customers can find your business or services that you offer. Using maps on Google could put you in the high rankings and on the front page.

Remember to also sign up for mobile local search and media local search. Much of your customers spend a lot of time on social media pages now days. So it would only make sense to have your business listed on these websites. They also optimize for more traffic to their websites.